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NLMAB specialises in operating charging solutions for companies and institutions. We support from application to installation and take charging station management off your hands. Discover the services and convenience of NLMAB.

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Bespoke operations

We are NLMAB, the fastest growing provider of customised charging solutions. Within the charging station market, we focus specifically on operations and provide installation, setup and management of the backend.

With our business operating model, we provide charging stations free of charge and take on charging station management. This saves your organisation money, but more importantly, a lot of time and hassle. You provide the service, we handle the costs and management.

As easy as pie

The three steps for effective charging station management

NLMAB's expertise can be laid out in three simple steps, with the basis revolving around our service and convenience. It starts with taking charging station management off your hands. This consists of mapping the locations, optimisation of your on-site electrical system, free advice by our charging station manager, purchase of the materials, placement and installation. Followed by daily administration, backend monitoring, service and management.


Step 1
Inventory and optimisation

After a personal intake, explanation of our unique operating model and a site visit, we make a no-obligation, transparent proposal of our services. In this advice, we also include the optimisation of your power, the choice of chargers with corresponding specifications, the necessary adjustments to the current installation and the way in which we can take charging station management off your hands.

Step 2
Placement and setup

After agreeing to our proposal, the necessary supplies are ordered from our certified partners and installers. They then install the charging solutions according to the latest standards and connect them to the meter box. Using a secure connection, we remotely link the charging stations to our advanced back office so that they are ready for use immediately. Your guests and staff can now charge hassle-free at your premises.

Step 3
Management and settlement

Ready for use. Your employees and visitors can easily use your charging stations. Transactions are tracked in real time and settled directly via our backend. We pay you the electricity consumed and charge users for their consumption, you need not worry about a thing. Do you have any specific requirements? Our charging station manager will be happy to discuss this with you.

And benefit from the lowest rates in the Netherlands.

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With our charging card, you can charge at any charging station in the Netherlands and Europe. Our charge card is free to apply for and has no monthly subscription. We charge the cost of charging on a 1-to-1 basis with no mark-up on the energy purchased. This way, you always pay current prices without any unnecessary extras.

Apply for it here, after receiving your application you will receive the NLMAB charge card at home within a few days, ready for immediate use.


No strings attached

At NLMAB, we work exclusively with certified partners

That way, you can always rely on a stable network with proven products and services.